BIG Things in USA #2 – as found by a traveling 8 year old boy

BIG Things in USA #2 – as found by a traveling 8 year old boy
We have been to USA before on this trip, but the time we had 3 weeks in Florida.
This is a huge mechanical BIG clock which works with balls.
It is at the Discovery Science Museum in Fort Lauderdale.

BIG shark – Discovery Science Museum in Fort Lauderdale.
BIG tap – Discovery Science Museum in Fort Lauderdale.

BIG Chair – Fort Lauderdale.

BIG Lobster – en route to Key West

BIG waste of money.
This is all $1 notes at No Name Pub in Key West.
They should be ashamed – so many poor kids and they waste money like this!

BIG dancing couple, Key West
BIG Pharaoh – Legoland, Orlando

BIG Einstein – Legoland, Orlando

BIG Hulk – Legoland, Orlando
BIG Lego Piece – Legoland, Orlando

BIG Spanner – Extreme Indoor Karting, Miami

BIG Screwdrivers – Extreme Indoor Karting, Miami

BIG Question Mark – Miami

BIG Icecream – Miami

BIG Things in Central America & Caribbean – as found by an 8 year old

BIG Things in Central America, Caribbean and Cuba – as found by an 8 year old
BIG Mobile / cell phone – Some back road of El Salvador

BIG long crisps – El Salvador (we pretended they were tongues!)

BIG Sauce bottle – El Tunco

BIG Mexican Hat – El Salvador

BIG Pommegranite – El Salvador

BIG and Super BIG Nutella Jars, Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Nachos plate – just for me! Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Mortal and Pestle, Antigua, Guatemala

BIG (like the size of a sack) Nachos Chips, Antigua, Guatmala

BIG Kite. Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Coffin. This Float represents a grave / coffin of Christ 
Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Chair, Antigua, Guatemala

BIG Crater. Mum inside Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

BIG stack of hats. Carried by a 2 year old boy at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
BIG rabbit? Flores, Guatemala

BIG pot, Flores, Guatemala
BIG spider, Tikal, Guatemala
BIG Grand Cenote, Tullum, Mexico

BIG Shells, Cancun, Mexico

BIG Sand castle sculpture, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

BIG Frogs, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
BIG Sombreros, Cancun, Mexico
BIG load of bags. We headed to Cuba and took 2 extra bags of food and things to give to the poor.

BIG Tiled house, Havana Cuba

BIG Flags, Havana Cuba
BIG Nougat bar for 50 cents, Santiago de Cuba – my Mum broke half her tooth off with this!

BIG Couch, Santiago de Cuba

BIG Fish, Gibara, Cuba


BIG things I found in Ecuador #2 – by an 8 year old big traveling the world

BIG things I found in Ecuador #2 – by an 8 year old big traveling the world
(This was our return visit to Ecuador – 2nd time)

Not many things found on our 2nd trip to Ecuador – sorry!

BIG Mouthwash, Cuenca

BIG Lamp, Quito


BIG things in Peru #2 – as found by an 8 year old travelling the world

BIG things in Peru #2 – as found by an 8 year old travelling the world
This is our 2nd visit in this trip to Peru
Big Panpiping kid – Cuzco

BIG Candle (sorry we chopped the photo off) Cuzco

BIG Inca City – Maccu Picchu is the larges Inca city in the world

Salineras – BIG Surface Salt Mines

Nasca – BIG lines in the ground, Nazca

BIG Map, Nasca

BIG Monkey, Nasca

BIG Spider, Nasca

BIG Cup, Nasca

BIG Bird, Nasca

Another BIG Bird, Nasca

BIG Lizard, Nasca

BIG poo Island – Paracas is made up of Bird Poop!

BIG Bellows, Chinca

BIG hairless Dog, Huanchaco

BIG Reed Surfboard, Huanchaco

BIG Tooth, Chiclayo

BIG Things I found in Bolivia #2 – as found by an 8 year old travelling the world

BIG Things I found in Bolivia – as found by an 8 year old travelling the world
This is our return visit #2
These are the BIG things I found on my trip last yearn Bolivia.
I’m 8 years old from Australia
BIG Fish Villamonte, Bolivia
BIG Mosquito and Butterfly, Tarija, Boliva

BIG Ant, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG Pots (yuk whatever drink they are selling’s full of bees!)
Tarija, Bolivia

BIG SLide, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG Cross, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG Barrel, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG Bottles, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG Head, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG Wine Glass, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG Pot, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG Angle, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG Christ (This s bigger by 3 metres than the one in Rio = 33 metres.
Cochabamba, Bolivia

BIG Bible, Cochabamba, Bolivia

BIG Paintbrush, La Paz, Bolivia

BIG Fruit drink, Tarija, Bolivia

BIG indigenous man, Lake crossing, Bolivia (going to Copacabana)

BIG Head, Copacabana, Bolivia

BIG bird and panpipes, Copacabana, Bolivia

BIG Panpipes, Copacabana, Bolivia

BIG straw boat, Isla del Sol, Bolivia

BIG Things in Paraguay – as found by an 8 year old traveling the world.

Paraguay in South America is not a BIG country, so I may not find much here?
BIG Boys Toys, Asuncion.

BIG Oragami, Asuncion.

BIG straw hat, Asuncion.

BIG Mug, Asuncion.
BIG Coke Signs. If you look at the size of the trees, you will see this is enormous.
It was out from Encarnacion.
BIG Mona Lisa, Cuidad del Este

BIG long Private Snake ! – Asuncion, Paraguay

BIG Bullock and man statue on way to Encarnacion, Paraguay

 BIG Trunk of a tree in the Chaco Desert, Paraguay


BIG Things in Brazil – as found by an 8 year old as he travels the world

Here are a few BIG things I found in Brazil.
A BIG Lightning Bolt hit this rock and split it! Campo Grande
BIG happy Monk, Campo Grande.

BIG Cross, Campo Grande.

BIG Wooden Dolls, Campo Grande.

BIG Pipe, Buzios.

BIG Angel, Buzios.

BIG Bunch Grapes – en route Foz Igazu.

BIG Sign, at the BIG Store – en route Foz Igazu.

BIG Waterfall / Shower – Foz Igazu.

BIG Ice-cream – en route Foz Igazu.
BIG Ants, Cabo Frio

BIG Jesus Christ Statue, Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro
Lots of Telephones shaped like animals and birds in the wild.
This one is a BIG Leopard, Bonito

BIG Fish, Bonito

BIG Bird, Bonito

BIG Fish, Bonito

BIG Fish, Bonito

BIG Toucan, Bonito

BIG Bird, Bonito Municipal Park

BIG Birds, Municipal Water Park

BIG Departure Board, Airport Campo Grande

BIG Macaw (I had to take it out a taxi Window), Camp Grande

BIG Macaws (I had to take it out a taxi Window), Camp Grande
We missed a lot more as the taxi was too fast.
We have more to come.


BIG Things of Bolivia – things an 8 year old finds as he travels the world

We ended up in Bolivia twice.
So some pictures are a few months later on our second trip.

BIG Wine bottles. My Mum enjoying wine-tasting in Tarija.

BIG Cello – out of Tarija.

BIG Pot – there was a local drink they mixed in this.
I can’t remember the name.
 can remember it had wasps in it all the time, they just scooped out – yuk!

The BIG Cristo. In Cochabamamba it is bigger than Rio de Janeiro.

BIG Metal Bible, Cochabamba at the Cristo.

BIG Ugly Metal statue, on the way to La Paz.

BIG Paintbrush. Out of La Paz.

BIG Dude with me picking his nose. Copacabana.

BIG Panpipes etc, Copacabana.
We did go to the BIGGEST Salt Flats in the World.
Here are a couple of photo’s.

Them “BIG Eyes” said the Indian!
At Salt Flats, Bolivia.

BIG Peru sign – at the Bolivian / Peru border.

This BIG Bolivian fighter is at Lake Titikaka.

I forgot which Argentinian this is.
I will add that later unless some-one can tell me.
The statue is all made out of left over metal bits, cogs, chains, blades etc.
It is in La Paz.

This is the BIGGEST traffic jam  / gridlock I have been in.
It seemed to last hours on one roundabout in the centre of La Paz.
This is also, I reckon, the longest city I have seen.
It went forever as we looked at it from the top of a hill.
BIG Kettle, Sucre
BIG Teapot, Sucre
BIG Coffee Pot, Sucre
BIG Pocket Knife, Sucre

BIG Cupcake Seats, Sucre

BIG smile.
I add this little girl because she is on the streets and has to beg for money.
She has the Biggest smile and we became friends.
I bought her an ice-cream, and we used to laugh and play together every time we saw her.
We prayed for her that she will have a better life.
One day I want to help poor kids more.
I miss her.
A kinda BIG Tap, YHI hostel freezing cold pool.

BIG Things in Peru found by an 8 year old who is travelling the world

Here are some of the BIG things I have found in Peru.
We visited Peru two times in 6 months, so there are a lot of things I found.
BIG Yarn. Local markets in a tiny town out of Puno.
BIG Soccer Ball, Lima

 BIG 12 angle stone. Cuzco
BIG Pan Pipe Player, Cuzco.
BIG Inca Ruins. Machu Picchu.

BIG Salt Mines. Salineras, Pre-Inc Salt Flat Mines.

BIG Drawings. Nasca Lines, Seen from air when we went in a little plane to fly over them.  

BIG Nasca Spider and Condor replicas with me in them!, Nasca.

BIG Wine Barrels, Ica.

BIG Barrel, Haunchaco.

BIG Sea Lion. This giant boy is nearly 3 metres big. Paracas/Ballestas Islands

BIG Bathtub out of El Carmen, near Chinca

BIG Bellows out of El Carmen, near Chinca

BIG Tooth and Chemist thing – I don’t know the name, Chiclayo.
Revolting BIG caterpillar – about 20 cm long – on our bedroom floor in Lima.

BIG head – and my Mama – Hotel Espana, Lima

BIG romantic couple – Miraflores, Lima

BIG Peruvian horse and soldier. Lima Old City

BIG Rubber Stamp, Liam Old City

BIG Wafer Biscuit, Lima Old City

BIG Pot, Arequipa

BIG Pot, Arequipa

BIG Jesus Church front, on way to Puna.

BIG Floating Island made of reeds, Unos, Puno.

BIG Reed / straw boat, Unos, Puno

BIG Snake Head, Puno

BIG Puma, Puno

Another BIG Snake Head, Puno

BIG Frogs, Puno

BIG Condor, Puno

BIG Condor, Puno


BIG Things in Ecuador, South America found by an 8 year old

So here I start to find BIG things in Ecuador …..
We have been to Ecuador 2 X so there might be a few more.

BIG Lamp, el Jardin Mall, Quito

At first we thought this was hand-wash, but now we thing it is a BIG Mouthwash, Cuenca

The BIG hands of Quito
BIG Bucks – Quito, Ecuador

BIG telephone – Quito, Ecuador
This BIG painting is the whole length of the wall and weighs over 700kg.
It is in Sucre Casa, Quito, and is a hand made carved wood frame.

This BIG climbing ball has another inside.
It is in Quito.

This is the BIGGEST church in Quito with a BIG man out the front.

This BIG egg and BIG Humming Bird are at the Equator.

This BIG Virgin statue is at the top of the Hill of Quito.
We climbed inside the ball at the base which I think is the sun.
It is based on Revelation 12 Virgin – they say it is Mary with wings?
BIG birds in Guayaquil.

A BIG monkey or Sloth in Guayaquil.