Visiting Museums around the world

One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday with Mum, 
is to go to the Museum.

I love climbing in the display bubbles, 
and pulling out the viewing drawers.

I love all the things you can learn and find.
 I like all the animals.
I love to sweep in the bones pit, and see what I can find.
I want to visit the USA museums that have the dinosaur bones – I can’t wait!
Mum loves the Egyptian Room. Mummies of course!
I am pretending to be a display!
These are cool Aboriginal shields.
I am a Totem Pole!
I love the the Pacific Room.
This reminds me of a sail boat in Fiji. 

I want to go to as many museums as I can around the world.
See me at the end of the fountain outside.
Adelaide museum has a dinosaur skeleton, 
but it is all mixed up with other bones, 
so I couldn’t get a good picture to show you.
Mum says it has been there since she was a girl – so it must be old!

What is your favourite thing to see when you go to the museum?

What people in different countries wear

This is my friend Marissa and I dressed up at the school disco.

On Saturday night we had our school disco.

We had to dress up to represent different nationalities.

We had Indians Squaws, Chinese girls, Mexican boys, Spanish Flamenco dancers, English knights, American rappers, and lots more.

I went as an Aussie Beach Surfer Dude – cos I want to be a professional surfer when I grown up.

I have an Australian bucket hat, rashie swim top, board shorts, 
sweatband, a money belt bag, and even Aussie socks on!

So then I got talking with Mum.

And we had a great idea!

I am going to find out the traditional clothes people wear in each country we visit on our BIG trip, and I am going dress up in them. 

I might even wear a Scottish kilt – no it is not a skirt – so no laughing at me!

Finding each countries national dress will be one of the main sections of my blog (like hunting for BIG things), and also it will be good homework for me.

If I can’t get to dress up myself, then I will take a photo of me with people from that country in their national dress.

This picture of me playing the drums with the Fijian native man 
is used on the Rydes Hideaway Fiji Web-site.  
I got to be a kid model with my friend Kasia.

This is me with my Nanny in her traditional Fiji dress.
She wore a different colour one every day.  She was always happy too.

So keep a look out for me dressed in all sorts of funny clothes!

What is your National dress?

Hunting for BIG things in Australia before we go – found by a 6 / 7 year old child

Here are a heap of BIG Things I have found so far.
I know there is more, but I only blog what I find myself.
I have been to every one of them that you see here.

The BIG Malls Balls, Rundle Mall, SA

My new friend David from Columbia & I. 
I met him at the BIG Wheel at Bridgewater, SA

A BIG KANGAROO at Adelaide Museum
The BIG Fishing Rod – Lake Crackenback, Thredbo, Snowy Mountains NSW

The BIG Metal Slide – St. Kilda Playground, SA
The BIG Wooden Maze – Lake Crackenback, Thredbo, Snowy Mountains NSW
The BIG Wooden Maze – Riverland, SA
The BIG Scotsman – Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA
The BIG Scotsman – Medindie, SA

The BIG Crab – Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA

The BIG Tap & Long Hose – Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA

The BIG Fish Scales – Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA
The BIG Pumpkin ?- Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA

The BIG Peg with the not so BIG ice-cream I was eating 
but it was a 42oC day (over 100oF)  …and 
The BIG Thong or Flip-Flop – Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA
The BIG Crocodile – Marion Shopping Centre, SA

The BIG Thinkers! – Brighton, SA

The BIG Jigsaw Puzzle – Brighton, SA
The BIG Squid – not real – Brighton, SA
There is also a BIG Squid at Adelaide Museum but it won’t photograph well.

The BIG men’s Speedo’s (swimmers, cozzies, bathers, togs)– Brighton, SA

The BIG Chipmunks – Marion Megaplex, SA

The BIG Bike – (near Gran Willy’s) Warradale SA

The BIG Burger – Old Reynella, SA

The Big Rocking Horse – Bottom & Top – Gumeracha, SA

The BIG Olive – Tailem Bend, SA
The Big Wall of Taps – Tap Inn, Kent Town, SA
The BIG Swing Seats – Tap Inn, Kent Town, SA

The BIG Egg Timer – Tap Inn, Kent Town, SA

The BIG Doors – Tap Inn, Kent Town, SA

The BIG Cow – Mount Compass, SA
The BIG Orange, Riverland, SA

The BIG Guitar, Narranderah

The BIG Wall of Butterflies, Singapore House, Fullarton, SA

The BIG Ammonite – Adelaide Museum, SA

The BIG Moustache, Marion Megaplex, SA

The BIG Koala – Dadswell Bridge, near Dimboola, Vic

The BIG Shark Mouth – Glenelg, SA

The BIG TV Screen in Sydney
A Big Pot Plant, Sydney
The BIG Slide, Coney Island, Luna Park, Sydney
One of the 2 BIG Clocks, QVB, Sydney

The BIG Donut fountains, North Sydney
Big Cup Cakes, Sydney

Standing on the BIG World, Sydney

Lunch in the BIG Chairs, Darling Harbour, Sydney

The BIG Daffodils, Darling Harbour, Sydney

The BIG Face at Luna Park (from the Ferry) Sydney


Ten things I can give the poor people


I came up with this all list all by myself.

These are what I think – and you might think of some more, or you might want to give different things.  

But I want to give out these things.

1. Toy Cars
Last time I gave these kids some cars to keep that were mine.
They had no toys.

2. Toy Soldiers 
I am taking a big bag to give out to the boys – maybe I have 100 to share – wow !
As long as they know we don’t really fight them, but they are good to play in the dirt, and you can pretend too.

3. Lollies 
I ALWAYS bring lollies – the kids chase me and I hand them out, because sometimes they have dirty hands, and I don’t let them put their hands in the bag – unless they have clean hands.

4. Food 
We sometimes go to the market and buy food to give to the poor people that can’t afford to buy it. 
Their markets are not like our markets.  
Sometimes they are places on the side of the road.

5. Blankets 
If it is cold, we might buy blankets for the people who have no homes and who sleep in the streets.

Bulk lot Baby Blankets / Bunny Rugs / Baby Ka-Boosh Wraps / Change Mat / Bibs

6. Some of my pocket money
Sometimes we have to walk a long way, and we find really poor people, so I ask Mum if I can give them some of my pocket money.
Some old people have no teeth and ripped clothes. 
I feel sad for them.

7. Bandages & Band-aids 🙂 
We are going to try and raise money with our blogs to buy the bandages and walking sticks we want to give out.
We can help them and then they can feel happy.

12 pc Dynarex Conforming Stretch Gauze Bandages Rolls Sterile 3"-6" x 4.1yds

96 Family pack bandage strips

8. A Smile!
We always smile at sad people.
I want to help them be happy.
And I have a whole bag of badges that we bought, that we can give out to people who feel a bit sad, and we can tell them we care about them.

SMILEY FACE BADGES x 30 Buttons Pins Bulk Lot Wholesale

9. Awesome Movies 
Mum has put some movies on the computer, and we are going to do movie nights with the kids under the stars. I can’t wait !

CARS 1+2+Cars TOON = NEW SEALED Disney-Pixar R4 DVD

10. Clothes
Last trip, I gave these villagers all my clothes I brought on the holiday – as it was our last day – it was great! 
We had more clothes at home to go back to, so Mum didn’t mind.
They are good people, because they share between their village, and aren’t selfish. 
They don’t keep them all for themselves just so they can have a lot.
They say “how can I be happy unless my friend is happy?”

So this time we may well hand out clothes to people along our way.

What would you like to give a poor person if you met them? 

I’m a BIG helper – getting ready for our world trip – by a 6 / 7 year old


Most weekends, and for many months, we have people come and look at our house in case they may want to buy it.

This is called Open Inspections and they are one BIG drag.  
But we work as a team – my Mum and I – and we always make it in time for them to come and look through it.

Some of the things I do to are –

I help my Mum get the pool ready – by jumping in to get the twigs and leaves, and sometimes even a branch from the tree too.

I pick up the dog poop with a pooper scooper – yuk !!

And I clean some of the windows, the glass pool fence, and the shower screen too.
I have my own special ‘Squeegee’ to do this, and I have fun.

I vacuum, mop, and sometimes I sweep up too – as some of my jobs.

I get 7 dollars a week pocket money. 

Sometimes I pretend I am pooped out, but it is my joke to trick Mum.

Mum says I am a big help because I don’t have a dad here. 

I always help Mum because I am smart and strong.

What jobs do you do? 


Hunting for BIG Things along the way


I come from Australia – some say, the BIGGEST island in the world?

So with my trip, I want to find all the BIG things I can in the world.

So here are some Mum and I have discovered already. 

I will find many more BIG things, and I will let you know when I do.

My favourite one so far is The BIG Rocking Horse in the Adelaide Hills.

You have to climb up a really steep ladder inside the leg to get to the top.
Mum got scared, but I didn’t.

And Mum’s favourite is The BIG Guitar at Narrandera.

Which one is yours?

Why I am blogging

Hello – I am seven, and my Mummy and I have decided we are going to go on a BIG adventure.

I love to travel.  I really, really, really, love it!!!!!

I love BIG things. And so a lot of my blog is going to be finding all the BIG things in the world!
I will take pictures as I find them.  
And I have started looking already, and we have found a lot in the last year too.

I have travelled 3 times overseas already, and we have always taken things to help the poor people.

Last time I took books and toys. 

I went to school for 1 day with the kids in Fiji. 

It was so much fun. 

I talked about Australia, and I taught them a song. 

We gave the kids reading books for their school library.

I also gave toys to a church, and I gave lollies to the kids in the villages. 

I really like it, because the kids get so excited, and I made new friends, and it makes me happy to share. 

We make our own fun, because they often have no toys. 

So I have talked with my Mum, and we have decided when we go travelling, that we are going to help people nearly every day if we can.

This blog will be part of my schooling, so I can learn to type, and improve my spelling.  I am typing most of them in Word, and because I am only seven, it can take me hours of time to make just one blog.

The kids at my current school can read these blogs too.  
And kids I meet can read them as well.

So it will be great for me to keep friends with you all this way.

Please enjoy my BIG Adventure!

Go, Go Garage Sales


When we decided to go on this trip, our house was chock-a-block full of stuff.

We had so much stuff and we needed money, not stuff, so we started to sell it at a Garage Sale.

It took weeks to get ready.

I helped my Mum get ready to choose my toys to sell. 

And I help my Mum put out the signs.  
We have two be very careful to look for cars.  

At the end of one Garage Sale one night, we had some bad people come along and set alight our bins and paint cans exploded they put in and it burnt the bins, and burnt the grass, and blew out the curb.

We had the fire engines, and the next day the Crime Scene Investigation CSI police come to investigate.

Mum lost her voice for a long time because it was bad smoke from the fire.  So those nasty people can hurt people and not realise, just because the are bore, or silly, or drink too much beer.

The council came and fixed the road and the curb, and we got to put our names in the wet cement with a stick.

Mum cried – she was tired, and it upset her how much damage they did – right the week the house was going to be ready to sell.

We had some free stuff for people to take, but they burnt it all.

But our dog barked and woke us up when the fire was burning.  

We gave lots of our things away too that were near the house then never got to burn.

We had 4 garage sales, we had so much stuff!  
We made a lot of money to help buy our plane tickets and things we needed for the trip too.

Have you even had a Garage Sale?

Random Kindness Kid

Mum and son about to travel the world!

How it started as spoken by me, and typed by Mum …
(who is in charge of this blog page and oversees it all to make it safe for me). 

“I am 7 years old, and one day I was talking to my Mum about how busy she was working, and how I never got time with her, and how sad it made me.

So we decided to change our lives, spend time together and be happier.

We both love to travel, and to meet people, and to help others.

I said to Mum “I want to help the poor people when we travel too”, and so this is what we are going to do.

I have done this before when  took 40 kg books, toys and even lollies to Fiji – and I gave them out.

I loved being kind and making the other kids happy too.

This time we want to buy food, bandages and all sorts of things to help poor and needy people, and our blogs raise funds to do this.

I hope my school friends, and people I meet along the way can read about all the fun I have, what I see, and the adventures I have, and how I get to help people too.”

So thanks for reading, and we hope you follow our exciting journey.

Please feel free to recommend our blog to all your friends, as the more that read it, the more people we get to do nice things for.

Thank you